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Just a brief story behind Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Indian Vegetarian Recipes is a creation of a young North Indian lady named Amita. She comes from a suburb area of Uttar Pradesh. After she started working and then got married, she stayed at different parts of India, particularly South India , Maharashtra , Punjab and Hills area. During her stay at different parts of India, she got introduced with people from different regions , Maharashta, Andra, Karnataka, TamilNadu, Kerala and Punjab. Her husband being a great food critic, her cooking skills are developed to a great extent after her marriage. She then  started experimenting with all kinds of foods and spices. Indian Vegetarian Recipes is a collection of recipes that she tried or going to try in future. She is a vegetarian except that she likes to take eggs. Hence Indian Vegetarian Recipes is a collection of vegetarian recipes from various regions of India.

India is a vast country and so the Indian cuisines are. It is almost impossible to know exactly all the recipes and cuisines of entire India. The same recipe will have slight variations over different regions. It is same as Indian dialects changes every few kilometers. Adding to it globalization also have added more tastes to Indian buds. And we have come up with our own Indian versions of them , esp. Indo-Chinese, Indo-Mexican, Indo-Italian.

Nevertheless Cooking is an art and demands continuous learning and experimentation. It never ceases to amaze and so Indian Vegetarian Recipes would be continuously growing and changing. We hope that readers of the website will try out these recipes at home and can have fun in cooking. You are invited to comment on recipes posts. We are also looking for your suggestions and new ideas.

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South Indian Vegetarian Full Meal

North Indian Vegetarian Full Meal













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